Book One of the Trey Stone Series.

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Conrad Brasso is entering the literary world by storm. This book is global in its scope,
profound in its content and sticks with you long after the first read.

Aaron Henry Graves, The Reader's Chardonnay

The perfect travel read!
Sally Lee Chung, The Travelling Apprentice

As soon as I started reading, I knew I was in for a treat! Brasso's detail is comprehensive
without being laborious, reflecting an amazing depth of research and insight,
all spun into a story I'll never forget.

 Trenton W. Gibson, United States Marine Corps 

Hunting The Midnight Shark will infiltrate you into the
effluvial and Machiavellian world of child trafficking.

Spencer M. Chuassey, The Literary Kiwi

Hunting The Midnight Shark is an international CIA thriller movie on paper.
It left me eagerly anticipating more.

Donald Smith, South African National Defense Force, Ret.